Canterbury Capital Ltd., a Licensed Investment Advisor and Asset Manager (SFC CE No. AHD688), specializes in Asian equity and real estate investments. Canterbury Capital is based in Hong Kong and has been providing value-added investment services to our clients since 2001.

Our mission is to enhance our clients’ prosperity through long-term value investing. Our strategy, based on the value approach, seeks to achieve superior risk adjusted returns by identifying under-valued investments.

Our Principals are experienced professionals in the fund management business who pride themselves in delivering innovative investment products and product solutions in a competitive and challenging market. Our clients are individuals, corporates, financial intermediaries, brokers, banks, and institutions. Our services include the setting-up of fund structures, structured products, tailor-made investments and private label products with traditional and alternative investments.

Canterbury Capital is the Investment Manager of the Target Asia Fund (Luxembourg) (“TAFL”). TAFL is an open-ended Luxembourg-based SICAV (UCITs Part II), registered and listed in Luxembourg with Citibank International plc as Custodian and Administrator of the Fund. The Fund has an excellent proven track record that covers the Asian Financial Crisis, the bursting of the Technology bubble, September 11th terrorist attack, War on Iraq, SARS and the 2008 Financial Crisis.

The Target Asia Fund (Luxembourg) is dedicated to value investing, taking a bottom-up stock picking approach. As a "long only" non-benchmarked fund, no leverage is used in order to achieve long-term capital appreciation through investment primarily in equity and equity-linked securities of companies listed on the stock exchanges in Asia Ex-Japan markets and in companies listed on any regulated stock exchange with significant assets in or significant earnings derived from Asia Ex-Japan.

Target Asia Fund (Luxembourg)
ISIN Code: LU0141108950
Bloomberg Code: TARASFL LX
S&P Micropal ID: 503695